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WFH Workout Tips: Making the Best of Your New Routine

Working from home is the new norm, and one thing we can’t deny is that gym withdrawal is real. Without access to a variety of weights, props, classes with amazing instructors and fellow workout buddies, it can be difficult to find motivation and stick to an at-home workout routine. If your WFH situation is anything like mine, your bedroom is doubling as your home gym, and home office. While it’s an adjustment, incorporating fitness into your day to day quarantined life is an important piece to the ‘staying sane puzzle’ we are all working on. To help with this transition, we wanted to provide some WFH workout tips and tricks so you can make the best of your new routine!

Create a new routine

With no commute, no plans with the outside world, and endless options of binge worthy TV, it is easy to feel a little lost, especially when it comes to your workout schedule. Our advice? Create a new routine that works for you. What did you used to do before working from home to set yourself up for success every week? Don’t ditch all of those habits! For example, I used to plan out my workouts every Sunday for the upcoming week - which I’ve stuck to and found really helpful! By doing so, you know what to do when you wake up every day, and have something to check off your list. If you don't know where to start, use Savin Hill’s Virtual Workout Calendar. With multiple class options every day, you can squeeze in a workout morning, noon, or night. Try signing up for one workout a day to hold yourself accountable, and you’ll be in a new groove in no time! (Ps. there is a workout challenge going on right now! Check out SHFS’s insta for more)

Take a lap

Without commuting to work, walking to get lunch, or coffee break walks throughout the day, we are all walking alot less (my fitbit numbers are scary these days). Think of how much you used to move around just because it was part of your routine. Try to get outside at least once a day. Whether that means waking up and going for a walk or run before your day starts, a quick lap around your neighborhood during lunch, or calling a friend after work on a long stroll...getting fresh air will not only help get your body moving aside from the usual couch to fridge trek, but also relieve some of that cabin fever that might be creeping up on you.

Try something new

While we don’t have access to physical gyms, many brands and fitness studios have been generously offering a variety of free and low-cost virtual class options. There are a ton of resources out there, so use the extra WFH time you have to your advantage! Always wanted to try a SHFS Barre class but it didn’t work with your schedule before? Now is the time! Intimidated by a class environment? Test the waters of that Bootcamp class you’ve been eyeing from the comfort of your bedroom. Need to be cautious of neighbors on the floor below? Try a low impact workout like pilates that still gets the job done. While working out from home seems limiting, you can also see it as a chance to try new workouts that you typically don’t mix in!

Ditch the all or nothing mentality

Without heavy weights, an instructor telling you what to do, or the space to do it, what’s the point of even working out, right? Wrong! Our last tip: a little goes a long way. You don’t have to workout for an hour+ everyday with weights and kettlebells to see results. Yes, we’re here to say that bodyweight works! If you don’t believe us, try the full bodyweight workout at the bottom of this blog for a good sweat. No matter how much time you have, adding in small workouts throughout your week will not only add a sense of accomplishment to your day, but it will make you feel good! Wake up and do 10 minutes of abs while your coffee is brewing, or close out your work day with 20 minutes of yoga. If you’re craving those props, get creative with what you have. You’ll surprise yourself with how killer of a workout you can get from some wine bottles, and a chair! Ditch that mentality that you need to be in a real class or gym with weights and machines to get a good sweat in, and just get that body moving.

While we can’t physically workout together, we hope you find these tips helpful when setting those WFH workout goals. We hope to see you on the next Zoom workout!

Have 25 min? Try this Full Bodyweight workout.

Circuit 1 - do 3 times

  • 20 Squats

  • 20 Squat pulse

  • 15 reverse lunge to knee pull (each leg)

Circuit 2 - do 3 times

  • 10 walk out to pushup

  • 20 plank shoulder taps

  • 15 tricep dips (off chair, coffee table, etc)

Circuit 3 - do 2 times

  • 15 leg raises

  • 30 bicycles

  • 30 mountain climbers

Written by: Micaela Kelly

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