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More Than Just a Fitness Studio

As we all know, we are living through a historic moment of uncertainty in regards to the status of the COVID-19 virus. This can be an uneasy time for most of us, with a lot of activities being put on hold, and businesses temporarily closing.

In a moment like this, we must come together and support one another. Why is why we are still working so hard to bring all of our members, students, and community encouragement and support right to their homes. As many of you may know, we are still providing you all with LIVE workout classes through Zoom (yay!!).

We are committed to you and your goals, no matter what.

This time has taught me that we are SO much more than just a fitness studio - we are truly a community. We love and care about each and every one of you deeply. More than ever, I am realizing just how strong we are as a team. We can get through ANYTHING. As long as we support each other and keep the love flowing, we are golden. Coronavirus is tough, but the Savin Hill Fitness community is TOUGHER.

In order to keep your mind calm through this time, we of course would suggest taking our LIVE classes! However, I wanted to suggest a few of the ways I have personally been trying to quiet my own anxiety…

JOURNAL – Work through any emotions that may come up for you physically, on paper. This way, it gives you some physical and emotional distance from what you are feeling, and leaves you in a better place to objectively analyze your anxious thoughts. You can also write down affirmation statements, such as “I am capable of overcoming any difficulty I am faced with” or “I am present.” Additionally, you could try just making a list of the things you are thankful for!

TALK TO SOMEONE – You are likely stuck in your home with family, roommates, a partner, or maybe you live alone. Pick up the phone or walk to the next room and have a conversation with someone, even in the case that you live alone! We are all going through this, and although social distancing may feel lonely – you are not alone.

MOVE YOUR BODY – Whatever feels good for you, DO THAT. Whether it is yoga, bootcamp, HIIT, a run, a walk…anything (and like I mentioned before, you can always join us for LIVE classes!) If you are unable to move your body, do something else that gets you out of your head and into the present moment. This can look like meditation, taking a few deep breaths, or listening to your favorite music.

LIMIT NEWS INTAKE – This is a tough one, because we know things are changing rapidly. However, if something incredibly drastic changes, you will find out about it somehow. Maybe limit your news intake to once or twice a day.

TAKE A MOMENT – By this, I just mean to relax your body and your mind. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and tell yourself it is going to be okay. You are strong. You can get through anything. You have people who love you – in fact, Savin Hill Fitness loves you!

Please remember that even though this is a crazy time, we are all still connected to one another. Compassion, kindness and alllll the love will get us through this time.

Although it seems like so much is being cancelled, just know that your dreams, your goals, your relationships, THIS community – none of those things are cancelled. Keep your head up and your heart open.

I’ve said it once, but I’ll say it again: The Savin Hill Fitness community is here for you no matter what!

Written By: Stephanie Moraes

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